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(For Age Group to 6 Years Onwards)

Brite Future Foundation is dedicated to nurturing budding talents and realizing their cricketing dreams. Our training center is a hub where youngsters grow holistically, evolving into responsible citizens of the nation. We uphold values of credibility, commitment, and trust, utilizing modern technology as our guiding principles. With a focus on comprehensive development, we empower individuals to excel in cricket while instilling essential life skills. Our mission is to foster a community of passionate and skilled athletes who contribute positively to society, embodying the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence. Join us in shaping the future of cricket and our nation. Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

Our Speciality

2 Practice Turf Pictches.

BRITE INNOVATIVE CRICKET ACADEMY boasts 2 state-of-the-art practice turf pitches. Elevate your game with our cutting-edge facilities, designed to hone skills and foster excellence in Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

1 Practice Cement Pitches.

BRITE INNOVATIVE CRICKET ACADEMY offers practice on cement pitches, enhancing skills and adaptability for aspiring cricketers. Join us for innovative training and excel in the game Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

2 Turf Match Pitch.

Experience the excellence of Brite Innovative Cricket Academy with our two turf match pitches. Elevate your game on premium surfaces designed for performance and skill development.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

1 Bowling Machine.

Introducing the BRITE Innovative Cricket Academy Bowling Machine, revolutionizing practice sessions with precision and efficiency, tailored to enhance every cricketer's skill set and performance.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

20:1 Student Coach Ratio.

Experience personalized coaching with a remarkable 20:1 student-coach ratio at BRITE INNOVATIVE CRICKET ACADEMY, ensuring individual attention and optimal learning for aspiring cricketers.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

Cage Net (Provides Safety).

BRITE INNOVATIVE CRICKET ACADEMY introduces Cage Net, ensuring player safety. Train with confidence in our state-of-the-art facilities, prioritizing protection and performance.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

Half Yearly Assesment.

BRITE INNOVATIVE CRICKET ACADEMY conducts biannual assessments to track progress and refine skills. Our commitment ensures continual growth and excellence in cricketing endeavors.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

Participation in Tournaments

BRITE Innovative Cricket Academy actively participates in various tournaments, providing young cricketers with invaluable opportunities to showcase their skills and compete at regional and national levels.Cricket Academy in Greater Noida

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